Thursday, March 17, 2022

no bake nutella oreo cheesecake

 The Boy has been showing some on/off interest in cooking the past while.  Most of the time when he says he'd like to try to make a certain dish he means at that exact moment in time, not taking into consideration that I don't have the ingredients or maybe it's 8 am on a Saturday and I'm working overtime and can't stop to make bagels from scratch and have them ready in 5 minutes because you are hungry and think 5 minute homemade bagels are a thing.  (If you DO want to make your own bagels, please read this old post of mine from a zillion years ago.  I remember that day and those bagels.  SO good.)

So even though he does throw out ideas for meals, few suggestions actually make it to the preparing stage as he is an impatient 12 year old boy and also forgetful like his mother.

But this one, he would not let go.  Even when I told him the only way we would make it was if he went shopping with me for the ingredients.  He (reluctantly) agreed and we went off to the store to spend eleventy billion dollars on cream cheese, nutella and oreos. 

 When we got home with our ingredients The Girl demanded that she help too, and by the time the cheesecake was in the fridge to chill, the kitchen would have been cleaner if I had just set off a bomb and thrown food directly at the ceiling.  BUT!  That Sunday night for dessert we had the most wonderful decadent cheesecake.

The sad part of this post is that neither The Boy or I can now find the recipe to share with you.  We made this about a month ago from a link on Instagram.  He was sure he'd saved it and I was sure he'd messaged me a copy of the recipe but we both came up empty.  What I can tell you is that it had a (delicious) crust of crushed oreos and butter, 2-3 (expensive) packs of cream cheese, a jar of nutella (although we used a different brand that was on sale, much to the dismay of The Boy), whipped cream and chopped up oreos in the filling.  You were supposed to top the cake with more nutella and more oreos but we didn't have any of either left, and really it didn't need it.

I've spent some time looking for the recipe and can't find anything that I know for sure is the same or similar, but I'm sure you really can't go wrong with any cheesecake with such delicious ingredients. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

chicken satay curry

 This chicken satay curry was a HUGE hit - with me and The Mister.  I don't know why I even try to cook for these children.  Once a few years ago, The Boy was at the table complaining about everything I had made for a family dinner with my parents.  I waited until he was done, and then said "When you are a grown up, I am going to come to your house for dinner and complain about everything you make and say I don't like it and I think you should have made me something else."  He looked completely shocked and said - "You can't do that!  That's mean!!!!"


Anyhoo, this was totally delicious and the kind of food I love and need to make more of.  

I didn't have the lemongrass, peanuts or sweet soy sauce, but I didn't let that stop me, and I loved how it turned out.  If you love peanutty dishes, you will love this.

chicken satay curry 

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Gyudon and more vegetarian cooking

 This one came from Instagram, I think?  A Japanese beef and egg bowl. 

It was easy and quick, the kids hated it, the adults liked it. 



Last weekend The Boy decided that he wants to become a vegetarian (again).  He did this once before, last year, or maybe even the year before, and lasted just long enough for me to buy a bunch of stuff for him before he changed his mind.  This time we're a full week in and he seems to be sticking to it.  He's 12 now (!!!) and I have no problem with him trying this out as long as what he's eating isn't complete crap.  He had meat once this week - we told him not to put any pressure on himself, if you want to eat meat one day, do it.  He said he might eat meat once a year, so I guess that day has come and gone until 2023.  :)

I have been working A LOT and now trying to figure out meals feels like it just got harder.  The Mister likes vegetarian meals but he also likes meat.  The Girl hates everything.  I'm too tired to care much.  Hoping to sit down today with some books and find some good things to try.  

Got suggestions? I'll take 'em!

Friday, March 04, 2022

Eastuff Grocery

 One of my favorite little stores in town in Eastuff by the university.  It's teeny tiny and jam-packed with Asian foods and ingredients.  

We hadn't been there for a while - probably since the pandemic started, but The Boy has recently become obsessed with ramen, and I mentioned that Easatuff would be a good place to get some different ramens to try, and I could only take so many demands to go before I caved.

We staggered out the door with a big box of stuff - practically every kind of ramen they had (not really, but probably 6 different kinds at least), frozen dumplings, drinks, snacks, sauces..... So good.

That day for lunch we of course had to have ramen.  The Mister and I elevated ours with some leftover crock pot pork and hot chile garlic sauce.

 I bought a box of Glico Curry - mild - and made a beef curry for dinner that week.  So good.

I bought this coffee drink on the recommendation of one of the shop workers.  She said it's her current favorite.  It was good, but sweet.

I bought my first ever bottle of Kewpie mayo!

The kids begged for seaweed snacks.  I have 10 uneaten bags sitting in the kitchen.

One of the ramens The Boy picked out.

Website - Eastuff Grocery

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

MWE Week 4



Feb 20 - Legend - The Best of Bob Marley and The Whalers

Feb 21 -Zoe Wees - Golden Wings

Feb 22 - Osei Essed - Always in Season

Feb 23 - Shad - TSOL

Feb 24 - Nao - And Then Life Was Beautiful

Feb 25 - Masego - Studying Abroad : Extended Stay

Feb 26 - Tracy Chapman - Our Bright Future

Feb 27 - Leyla McCalla - The Capitalist Blues

Feb 28 -  Honey Dijon - The Best of Both Worlds