Friday, February 17, 2012

At the top of my wish list

My God, I would LOVE to try one of these. Do you think it really works?

It would be SO MUCh fun to buy some of these TV products and really test them out in the kitchen.....anyone want to be the sponsor?

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Grocery Shop X 3 and cookbooks

I sometimes remember to take photos, but then I never have time to post them.

Yesterday we went for groceries:

Milk, pop, tortilla chips,salad, a piece of flank steak rolled with cheese and spinach (had it for dinner last night and it was very nice), grapes, strawberries, lunch meat, tomatos, sour cream, yogurt, bread, onions, cheese, mayo, salsa, coffee, kiwi, broccoli.  This store tells you on the receipt how much you have saved.  We saved $15.21, and I have a $5 coupon, so we saved over 20 bucks.  Not too shabby.

This is last weeks shop:

Milk, tomato juice, pop, bread, bananas, 2 bags of noodles, lunch meat, salad, kiwis, bell peppers, bbq sauce, strawberries, carrots, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, juice, broccoli and potatos.

And the week before:

Which is hard to remember. Rice, spinach, some terrible terrible veggie chips, yogurt, waffles, soup, green onions, salad, romaine, apples.

I made this for dinner Friday night, chicken stir fried with spinach from Mark Bittmans How to Cook Everything.  I have been cooking a lot from it lately and enjoying it.  I'd like to do a round up of all that I have made from it, but I'll have to see if I can remember what I've made and if I actually took any photos.