Sunday, April 27, 2014

Smackdown - Drop Biscuits

Ok! Let's do another Smackdown, shall we?

 This time we're moving into the land of carbs with biscuits. Drop biscuits.

First up is Trisha Yearwoods Easiest Muffins recipe. Yes, it's called a muffin, but I think that it's more like a biscuit, and this is my blog and my Smackdown.

What drew me to this recipe was the incredibly short list of ingredients, and the addition of sour cream. These came together super quick and looked pretty darn good.

They tasted good too - and I loved the tang from the sour cream.
Unfortunately, I found these were best eaten right after they were made, which for a small family caused a problem - we can't eat 12 biscuit/muffins in one sitting.
I took one to work the next day with my lunch, but I did not enjoy it. The many leftovers were tossed a few days later.

Competing against Trisha is The Pioneer Woman's Cheddar Chive Drop Biscuits.
A few more ingredients and a bit more time than the easy muffins.
 But they too came out of the oven looking like a biscuit should:

I usually only buy mild cheddar,so the cheese didn't particularly add anything to the biscuit. The green onion was nice, and they had a good texture. 
These held up well as leftovers, and got the seal of approval from my father. 

The winner - by a hair - 

The Pioneer Woman. 

The texture, appearance and leftover factor pushed it over the edge.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mexican Brunch Tart Pizzas

I wanted to make a meatless brunch today before our big Easter dinner. 
 I was thinking I'd have to go with my usual pancakes and smoothie, but I had some pretty awesome ingredients in my fridge - guacamole, salsa, and pillsbury wiener wraps.   
Breakfast tarts!  Breakfast pizza?  Whatever.

 I unrolled the wraps and preheated the oven to the suggested 375'. 
I put the wraps (6 to a package) on a parchment lined baking sheet and gently stretched each piece of dough out a bit to make a slightly larger tart/pizza. 

I started with a spoonful of salsa on each piece.
Then scrambled 2 eggs and topped the dough with the eggs and some shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese.
Baked for 12 minutes, until the crust was browning.
We topped our tart/pizzas with sour cream, more salsa, and guacamole.
I love these!  Easy and really really good. These have infinite possibilities for any meal.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Goodbye to Mori Mori

I was sorry to learn last week that Mori Mori Grocery is closing down.  
This is my favorite place to buy my noodles, sauces, vinegars, rice, etc.  
It was on last summers list of my favorite Kamloops restaurants.  

The store is closing at the end of April,and currently most groceries are 10% off.
I was excited to learn that they will still be selling the take out prepared food out of Sanbiki Restaurant though.  So that's something.

Oh Kamloops.  Why can't we have nice things?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kamloops Symphony Book Sale

I hit the symphony book sale on the way home today and scored 4 cookbooks for $2 each.
They are in Aberdeen Village - on the opposite side of Hillside Drive from Aberdeen Mall - until April 19. 
Only open until 5pm, they are quite the sticklers on everyone out by then.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bites 11

I have not done much bread baking lately - since November(!). I made some basic white rolls to ease myself back into the game.


This is a corn dish I made  - the recipe is photocopied from a book so I have no source, but it was onion sauteed in oil, corn, curry, lime juice and coconut milk.  Different and very nice, although I thought it was a little too liquidy - was it the coconut milk I used?  But it was good, and I will make it again.


Who remembers the Brie Bagel Melt  I made last year?  Well.
This is raisin toast with brie and honey and walnuts.  OMG. 


Rice bowl!  I love them so much.  This one had ground pork and zucchini and carrots over coconut rice and topped with a fried egg and some sweetened soy sauce.


This is another version of the breakfast buns 

Ham and cheese baby!  Can't go wrong with a classic.