Sunday, August 11, 2013


Soooooo, one of the people that was at the birthday dinner for my sister in law was super impressed with the zucchini tots at dinner, so much so that as they traveled on to their next destination they told the Story of the Tots. The hostess, who knew the guest would be back my way (Confused yet? Too bad.) gave that person a present for me - a giant zucchini. 


I shall call her Tiny.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Side dishes and dessert

My In-laws (The Calgary Guys, as my boy calls them) were out camping in BC recently. To celebrate my Sister in Laws birthday I packed up a feast and hauled it out to them.

 In addition to steak and potatos I also took:

Coolio's Really? Corn Salad? Which was a huge hit.

I've made these Zucchini Tots a couple of times over the past weeks and just love them. I baked a triple batch for the dinner, and the few that were leftover were nibbled on with breakfast the next morning. You should try these.

I had a fancier cake in mind to try, but time was not permitting, so I went with a two layer cake iced with cream cheese icing, and topped with finely grated white chocolate. 

It's such a cliche to say, but oh my god, this summer, this Year, is just sailing by.  So few of the things I had planned for this summer have or will happen, but what can you do?