Sunday, February 28, 2021

MWE Week 4


Feb 22 - Halsey - Manic; hopeless fountain kingdom

Feb 23 - The Ebony Hillbillies - I Love Ebony Hillbillies Sessions Vol 1; 5 Miles From Town

Feb 24 - Beyonce - Lemonade

Feb 25 - Rhiannon Giddens - there is no other; Freedom Highway

Feb 26 - Toshi Reagon - Toshi

Feb 27 - Alex Isley - Love/Art Memories

Feb 28 - Cedric Burnside - Benton County Relic

Sunday, February 21, 2021

MWE week 3



Feb 15 - Janet Jackson - 20 Y.O.

Feb 16 - Prince - 1999

Feb 17 - Naya Ali - Godspeed: Baptism (Prelude)

Feb 18 - Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Feb 19 - Measha Brueggergosman - Songs of Freedom; Measha Jazz

Feb 20 - Nitty Scott - Creature!

Feb 21 - Oscar Peterson - Montreaux '77

Friday, February 19, 2021

cookbook cleanup book 20 - La Tartine Gourmand

This book falls into the category - Pretty But Not For Me

This is a beautiful book to read through but like so many others, there is very little in here that my kids would eat, so it deserves a better home, a more adventurous home,  a home where ungrateful children don't make puking noises at the dinner table.

Cookbook Cleanup results so far - Back on the bookshelf - 11  Donated -9

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Garlic noodles


This is a bowl of garlic noodles with a splotch of chile garlic sauce on top, ready to be stirred in.

I joined Tik Tok to monitor The Boy's usage of it it and while I don't visit it much, I have found some very delicious recipes - this one is a repeat around here.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

MWE week 2


Feb 7 - The War and Treaty - Healing Tide, Down to the River, Hearts Town

Feb 8 - Southern Avenue - Southern Avenue

Feb 9 - Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda

Feb 10 - Tankia Charles - What!  What? What!?

Feb 11 - Jully Black - Revival, The Black Book

Feb 12 - Carolina Chocolate Drops - Genuine Negro Jig, Leaving Eden

Feb 13 - Odetta - Odetta Sings

Feb 14 - Solange - What I Get Home

Thursday, February 11, 2021

missing summertime

 It got horribly cold here this week and I'm thinking of warm Spring and Summer days, and these 2 photos from a lovely drive last Summer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Air Fryer Chickpeas

 I don't remember if I mentioned we bought an air fryer last year - I think I called my mothers day gift to feel less bad about buying it - but we did, and we used it for a while to make fries and roast veggies mostly.  Eventually it got pushed to the back of our minds - and the cupboard it lives in, due to lack of counter space - but at Christmas we pulled it out again to cook some store bought frozen appies and since then we've been using it regularly again, not only for veggies and appies but for meatballs, chicken cordon bleu and even pierogis.

I bought a couple of cans of chickpeas in the fall to try roasting them in the air fryer and finally got around to it last week.  I used this recipe, and specifically the Italian seasoning because I figured that had the most luck of being tried and possibly even enjoyed by my family.

They were easy to make and very very delicious!  The Mister and I both enjoyed them, The Boy ate a handful, said they were pretty good, and slithered back to his room for mysterious pre-teen reasons, and The Girl flat out refused to try them.


2 notes I will share - the recipe calls for you to dry the chickpeas thoroughly and discard any skins that come off but I would say dry gently and keep some skins - they are deliciously crunchy as well.

The other is that the recipe is correct that these don't keep particularly well.  They are fine for a couple of days afterwards, but are definitely better the day of cooking. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

book club 3 - Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh




We aren't good at explaining things to children.  Especially not hard things like how nothing is fair or means anything but, you know, keep trying anyway.

I don't believe in Karma, but I believe there are things that can happen that very specifically force you to understand what an asshole you were.

Sunday, February 07, 2021

MWE week 1


Week 1 is done, and I listened to at least one new to me album each day.  A few days I was even able to squeeze in a second album!

Feb 1 - Nina Simone - Nina Simone in Concert, Silk and Soul

Feb 2 - Sade - Love Deluxe, Stronger Than Pride

Feb 3 - TeaMarr - Before I Spill Myself

Feb 4 - A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders, People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths of Rhythm

Feb 5 - OSHUN - bittersweet vol 1

Feb 6 - Janelle Monae - The Arch Android

Saturday, February 06, 2021

grocery shop February 6


bread, croutons, goldfish crackers, salami, tortilla bowls, guacamole, cheddar, marble cheese, parsley, asiago, fontina, grapes, radishes, green onions, cucumbers, grape tomatos, lettuce, onions, salsa, honey ham, bacon, beef broth, tea, clamato


Monday, February 01, 2021

My February goal - MWE

 Have you heard of MWE - Music Writer Exercise - in which you listen to one album a day in the month of February, an album you have never listed to before.

I discovered it this past Saturday night; Saturday afternoon I was in the car with my kids and they were singing along to the radio while I kept saying "What song is this?  Who sings it?  How do you know this?"

I used to love listening to new music and new-to-me music, but somewhere along the way I settled into only listening to music I already knew, or classical and nature sounds to calm my nerves.  In the car I listen to the same CD's over and over, and while I work I listen to podcasts or ocean or bird sounds to keep me sane.

I'm excited to give this a try and discover some new to me music this month, and I will be focusing on Black artists as well.

I hope to come back here each week and let you know what I listened to.  If you're interested, check out the #MWE tag on twitter.