Friday, November 23, 2012

Food photos - Kamloops

Some photos from 2012: 

Bannock from the Kamloops Farmers Market

Chicken Satay with cucumber salad, rice and spring roll, Canada Day, Riverside Park

Vietnamese Sub, Canada Day, Riverside Park

Vietnamese coffee, Canada Day, Riverside Park

Italian Peach cookie 

Little gem lettuce from Kamloops Farmers Market.  Perfect size for a salad for one.

Pasta and meatballs, front, and margherita pizza, back, from the Italian Festival

Sausage making demo at the Italian Festival

Pasta demo, Italian Festival

Fresh pasta, Fratelli Deli 


Chicken and waffles, Masa's Bar and Grill, Sun Peaks

A use for leftover candied bacon - pancakes topped with strawberries and candied bacon

Cornerstone sushi roll from the very delicious Cornerstone Restaurant, downtown Kamloops

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carpe Gelatin - Sieze the Jello

I wanted to make Broken Glass Jello for years and years. I thought I needed a reason - an occasion - that never appeared and I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never make it. But why did I think I needed to wait for some sort of special occasion? So I went ahead and made it for a Monday treat for my co-workers. It takes a bit of time to make, as you need to let the jello set, then cut it into squares, then more setting time for the final addition of the white jello. 

This was so fun to make and is truly gorgeous to look at. Everyone was quite impressed, and also, it tasted good too! I will make this again, for no particular reason. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Best dessert - Bacon Cheesecake

I had my eye on this recipe for bacon cheesecake for a while, but I was hesitant to make them. On one hand - bacon? cheesecake? really? On the other - when has bacon ever let us down? 

I made them for my boss' birthday and they were a huge hit. The cheesecake itself is quite nice, but the candied bacon just throws it over the top and makes them beyond amazing. I am not kidding.

I made them for my mother in laws birthday as well. I left a few bare in case the idea of bacon on cheesecake was too weird for the family. 

It wasn't, and they were devoured by all, including the kids, although Pax wasn't super enthusiastic, and stopped after one. He was the only one. 

Try this recipe!!!! 

My only adjustment to this recipe the second time around was to chop the bacon coarsely rather 
than have large pieces on top of each 'cake.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Hash browns in the waffle maker

I love breakfast and I especially love hash browns, so when I saw this over on Pinterest it sounded too cute not to try -making crispy hash browns in your waffle maker. I grated the potato and squeezed out as much liquid as I could. I added them to a bowl along with a good sprinkle of salt and pepper and a drizzle of oil. When my waffle maker was hot, I added a small handful to each side, spread it out evenly, and cooked it.

You end up with a cute crispy square of potato! Some of them were difficult to get off the waffle maker in one piece though. 

Scott's plate made me laugh - a potato cake with ham, scrambled egg, cheese and hot sauce.  Crazy looking but super good. 

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Homemade Granola Bars

I had never really considered making granola bars at home until I came across this recipe. Everything about it just screamed "Perfect!"

                                                                Recipe: Granola Bars

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Yet another breakfast sandwich

Pax goes through stages where he loves avacado - "Cow", he called them. And because they are so good for you, I buy them when he asks. But every once in a while once we get them home he refuses to eat them. Kids! So I add them to my salads, make guacamole, and these yummy sandwiches -The CAT.

This particular sandwich has cheese, avocado and tomato with hot sauce on a toasted jalapeno bun.