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cookbook clean up 58 - one part plant by Jessica Murnane

 I bought One Part Plant off the sale table at Chapters a few years back and promptly forgot about it.  Luckily for me I grabbed it off the shelf for the clean up, fully expecting for it to hit the donate pile but instead it's become one of my favorite books. 

 Jessica spends the first part of the book talking about her past less than stellar eating habits (ding ding says my inner bell) and how she came to start eating better which led to her feeling better.  It's like this book is speaking TO ME (hint hint, me)

The recipes are divided into 6 chapters of mornings, salads, snacks and more.  The first 2 recipes I tried were The Crunchy Chunky Granola - simple but AMAZING, and the Baklava-ish Toast.  I swooned.

Next was the chocolate chunk cookies made with almond flour that the whole family went crazy for, including The Grandpa who went out and bought me a new bag of almond flour so we could have them again.  The Roasted Potato, Corn and Leek Chowder was one of the best soups I made last year.  Incredible.

The Peach Ginger Tea became Watermelon Ginger Tea when I tried it because I had some frozen watermelon, and SOOOO good.  I've made this a bunch of times with a bunch of different fruits.

The Curry Popcorn was so delicious as was the riff I made on her Turtle Eggs - walnuts, dates and chocolate. 

This is SUCH a good book, I absolutely love it.  I will be trying out more recipes as well as all the ones I've already made for sure.

Back on the bookshelf - 21 Donated -37

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grocery shop - fresh co

 March 29

potatos, margarine, pepsi zero, milk, carrots, grapes, cilantro, turtle chips x 2, cookies, brussel sprouts, raspberries, shrimp, tortilla chips, nutrigrain, cream cheese, cheesies, root beer, cheese x 2, crackers, granola bars, tater tots, tatziki, garlic dip, dish soap


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an easy and delicious breakfast casserole from tik tok

 so good.  everyone loved it and the leftovers did not last long.

 mix half a bag of tater tots and 6 eggs, beaten, 1/4 cup milk, and your seasonings of choice.  add in 1 lb cooked sausage, 8 slices of cooked bacon - we did not add this - and a cup of cheese.  pour into a 9x13 pan and top with the rest of the bag of tots and more cheese if desired.  bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes.

recipe from food dudes on tik tok.

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grocery shop - costco

 March 20

napkins, yogurt, frozen pizza, pepsi zero, popcorn, jam, mini cookies, condiment pack, cheese buns, frozen quesadillas, lettuce, tomato, eggs, cheese slices, bagels, strawberries, pico de gallo, 3 books, chicken salad, shrimp taco kit, cucumbers, feta, cantaloupe


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cheddar and bacon burger from Fork Lift Kitchen at Fresh Street Market

 This beauty is the cheddar and bacon burger with crispy cheese.  Yum

This was our second visit there; we went shortly after they opened and did not have a great experience.  But time has healed wounds and The Mister and I picked up burgers after a grocery shop.  The kids wanted McDonalds, which we got for them, but The Boy definitely looked a bit envious.

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grocery shop - fresh st market

 March 16

mayo, 2 cans diced tomatos, pasta x 2, coffee creamer, whipping cream, arugula, banana, lemons, lettuce x 2, shallot, cilantro, parsley


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

a quick dinner - sausage and cheese biscuits and fruit

 I feel like we need to add an extra day to the weekend every week, a day that I could use to meal plan and cook.  I would love that!  I haven't planned meals in ages, preferring to live on the edge and just figure out what to have at the last minute.  It's just as enjoyable as it sounds.

This particular day I had thawed a pound of ground pork and was searching thru the pantry for something to add to it when I spotted the bisquick mix, et voila!

Warm biscuits with some melty cheese and a herby-garlicky sausage patty.  Fruit on the side. Comforting and delicious.

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a delicious dinner from Masala Fusion Meats


We finally got over to the North Shore to visit Masala Fusion Meats and it was as great as I'd hoped.  We picked up 3 kinds of chicken - Tandoori, Pudina Mint and Malai.  The very lovely staff assured us that the Mint and Malai were not spicy, but the Tandoori would have a kick.  We also picked up 2 butter chicken samosas for The Mister and I for a treat.

We grilled the chicken up for Sunday Dinner with The Grandpa, along with some veggies, a mint yogurt sauce, a tomato salad and some mini naans.

It was all AMAZING, although the Mint was a bit kicky, the Malai was just flavorful, and the Tandoori was just spicy enough to make you reach for your water glass.

I thought, in my humble opinion, that the 2 sauces went extremely well with all the flavors, and the naan and anything else you wanted to serve it with.  The tomato salad - Kachumbar -  from Made in India by Meera Sodha, and the mint yogurt sauce will become staples in my kitchen.



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broccoli cheddar soup with shells

 I was so sure the Girl was going to go crazy for this soup - she loves broccoli, LOVES mac and cheese, so why wouldn't she love a broccoli mac and cheese soup? Ha.

The good thing was the other 3 of us were indeed crazy about it and the leftovers did not last long at all.

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grocery shop - Costco Feb 14


pineapple juice, sweet and sour pork, waffle fries, breakfast hash, pico de gallo, lasagne, carrot cake, cantaloupe, apples, broccoli


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30 day challenge - March - Ted Talks

 I am still continuing my journaling and my sad sad attempts at drinking more water.  

I am not really great at either, but we must keep trying.    

Next up is a month of Ted Talks!  

I am excited about this one and I plan to try to choose a wide variety of topics. 

Here's to the start of a new month and new adventures and new growth.  

“I love March as it gives me hope that new beginnings are always beautiful.” ― Anamika Mishra.


Thursday, February 29, 2024

not my lowest sodium meal ever.....

 A crock pot, some stew meat, a can of cream of celery soup and an envelope of onion soup mix.

8 hours later, dinner is ready.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

my sweet valentines gift

 what everyone needs for their desk, or car, or bedside table  -  a personal chocolate dispenser.


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grocery shop February 3



soup x 4, water enhancer drops x 2, peanut butter, ranch, chips, ham, corn tortillas, lime, guacamole, chicken, hot dogs, more soup, buns x 2, onions fruit snacks, olives, refried beans, tp


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this and that and 30 day challenge 2

 January and February are not only speeding by but are also kicking my butt.  I've returned to working in the office part time and having to get up and attempt to look presentable, get out of the house and be gone all day AND be around <shudder> people all day, THEN go home and make dinner and get ready to do it all over again is.... a lot.

I'm tired, stressed, sad..... lots of stuff.  And lots of stuff has had to fall to the side - like meal planning and trying to be healthy and doing anything after 8 at night.

We've ordered Hello Fresh boxes for the past 3 weeks to get through the weeks but this week coming up we bravely decided to plan our own meals but have been ignoring the actual planning so far.  Last week I made the chicken and spinach curry above and we ate the whole thing and raved about it.

Don't ask for the recipe though.

I can share the recipe for the most delicious garlic soup I made last weekend.  I've been very drawn to brothy soups lately.  It's all I want.  


Another thing that is all I want is this pico de gallo from Costco.  SO spicy and SO good.  We are going through these quickly because of me.

You may recall that Decembers 30 day challenge was to drink more water.  It's going...not great.  But I'm trying.  I feel like this all the time

And I will keep trying.

January's 30 day challenge was journaling.    I'm dong a combo of journaling and habit tracking.  It was going pretty good until I went back to work and now it's just another thing I'm not doing consistently.  But again - trying.

When February arrived it did not even occur to me to think of picking a new challenge.  Maybe next month.

Lastly, I'm sad to share that the book club I joined has disbanded already.  I am pretty bummed because I really was enjoying it, but it was not meant to be I guess.  But the book club for 1 keeps rolling on.

Happy Sunday

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grocery shop - costco january 31


toboggan, mexican corn salad, pico de gallo, cinnamon cake and muffin mix, chicken sauce, greek yogurt, tomatos, cheesecake, strawberries, 2 pk beef roast, pineapple, a  book for me, croissants, battery holder, watermelon


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