Wednesday, May 31, 2023

i just want you to see these cute little plates


The cake was no ones favorite - most of it got thrown away, but the bunny ear plates were cute.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

sausage balls and eggs benedict casserole

 I thought I'd share these 2 recent recipes I made for breakfasty meals.  We all enjoy breakfast for dinner, which happens more often than breakfast for breakfast on the weekends because one kid sleeps the morning away while the other is an early riser, and their dad would sleep the morning away if we let him.

First is these sausage balls, and DANG.  These are good.  GOOD.  Which is good, because only The Mister and I liked them so there were lots leftover, but they reheated well.  If you like sausage, and you like balls, you should try them.

That is not my dinner plate by the way, even though it looks like it.  It was the plate for the table that I put down on top of my plate for a photo.  

Recipe -Sausage balls 

Next up was an overnight eggs benedict casserole.



You do your eggs, ham and english muffins in your pan overnight, and hollandaise sauce  on the side for serving.  Now this is the sort of dish that I would like to made just enough for the meal, because I am not a fan of these kinds of leftovers.  For me, they just don't reheat well, and I don't enjoy it.  Unfortunately but not a surprise, neither kid liked this either, and so there were a ton of leftovers.  I ate one helping and the poor Mister had to take care of the rest.  But it was delicious, I promise.

Recipe - overnight eggs benedict casserole

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Saturday, May 06, 2023


 Spring is finally here and I'm so excited.  The sun is out and it's warm and the other night after dinner we sat in the backyard and I finished my book  (and cried silently) and listened to the birds sing and the kids fight (one sound was better than the other) and I am looking forward to spending lots of time back there this season.

I made this No bake peanut butter cornflake tiffin for a Sunday dessert.  I was running out of chocolate for the topping and the bar part wasn't quite set when I tried to smear the chocolate over the top so it looked awful, but tasted lovely.

We are also back into energy bites and this was a recent winner - Oatmeal Cookie energy balls.

Pretty clouds

I bought these containers to keep fruits and veggies handy for snacks and dinner.  They really do help.  I'd love to buy more, but we have so many bottles of condiments and sauces in the fridge there's hardly room for leftovers, much less plastic bins.

I wanted to share the recipe for these Vrasciole - Italian Fried Meatballs - but the recipe was taken down.  Too bad.  They were really really good.

 It might be a basic bitch, but MacArthur Island Park is one of my favorite walks.

We've made these burger tacos from Tick Tok multiple times over the last couple of months, including a breakfast version with sausage and eggs.  So freaking delicious!

Season your meat, press a small-ish amount onto a tortilla, fry until done and add your toppings.


I bought The Mister this garden for his birthday, and it's pretty fun!  So far we've only had one plant not sprout and have had lettuce and herbs to add to our meals.  

Treat yourself!