Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sunday Dinner - Instant Pot Beef Ribs

(We did have more than just ribs and taters.......there was some bbq corn and....carrots?  Cauliflower?  Something else for sure.)

On a trip to Costco I got to talking to this lady in front of a cooler of beef ribs.  She was telling me that she buys them and cooks them in coconut milk with lots of onions and garlic and hot peppers.  It sounded so good that The Grandpa picked up a package, even though I insisted that I didn't know how you would cook ribs in coconut milk.  Boil?  Bake?  
So in the end I went on a hunt for a beef rib recipe that would make delicious ribs (of course) but wouldn't take up too much time because we had plans that Sunday too.

I found some instant pot recipes, but The Grandpa was skeptical.  I can't blame him since the first recipe we made him with our IP was truly hideous, a dish not mentioned and best forgotten immediately.  But he left the choosing in my hands and with much prodding from The Mister I chose this recipe for Instant Pot Beef Ribs.

It was super easy, and took less than 2 hours, and we had gorgeous fall off the bone ribs.

A few things I did differently that I liked for me:
I browned the ribs in a frying pan so I could do them all at once rather than in batches, but while I was frying them, I added the broth and rosemary to the IP on saute.  By the time the ribs were browned and I had cooked the onions and garlic, the sauce was simmering which cut down on the amount of time it took the IP to get to pressure (about 20 minutes).
I also didn't thicken the sauce because I am ok with a thin sauce.
I got impatient waiting for the IP to release all the pressure naturally, so after 20 minutes of "natural release" (ew) I vented it out.

These were so good - so flavorful and tender.  Beef ribs and the instant pot go together well.

A blast from the past - the first and last time I cooked beef ribs - so long ago!