Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Here we are - Post 1,500

I noticed the other day that I was getting close to having 1,500 published posts we are!

Seems like only yesterday ( 5 1/2 years ago) we were celebrating 1,000 posts and now we are at this new milestone.

It's crazy to me that I've had this blog for 14 years.  14!

I've used my limited skills with the Blogger template to share with you the Top 10 Most Viewed Posts from the last 14 years.

Here we go.....

Number 10 - Bitchin in the Kitchin Julia Childs French Bread - 2008
Oh man, this one.  I co-hosted a Daring Bakers Challenge (miss you, Lis!) with Mary at her request, and she had chosen Julia Child's French Bread.  It is a long process.  Not particularly difficult, but long.  We got SO MANY complaints from the baking group.  So many.  And that is why I called my post Bitchin in the Kitchin.  And I never ever made this bread again after completing the challenge.  Also - if you click on Mary's name a few lines above, the last post she wrote for her blog in 2012 is about her making this bread one last time for her blog.  Man, so many of the good old blogs are gone.

Number 9 - Bread Baking Babes - Hamburger Buns - 2011
It was always a nerve wracking time when I got to choose a recipe for the BBB's.  I was always worried that my choices wouldn't be cool or interesting enough for the group.  I didn't pick the most challenging breads but they usually turned out, so that was a point in my favor.  I remember these being pretty good, but I don't think I ever made them again.  

Number 8 - Calgary Spiceland - 2007
I posted about a super cool store we found when we lived in Calgary and it was a dream come true.  I believe it's closed now which totally sucks but I am sure it isn't too hard to find amazing ingredients in Calgary.  It is still not always easy in the 'Loops though.

Number 7 - Bread Baking Babes - Challah - 2008
I am shocked that this is from 10 years ago!  It seems like it couldn't be that long ago.  This was a recipe that I got to pick for the BBB group to bake and it was so fun.  I was so proud of myself for that bread!  I miss that group.

Number 6 - Rhubarb - Muffins, Stewed and Fooled - 2013
Because once the monster rhubarb plants start producing massive quantities of stalks in the Spring, you gotta hit google for some ideas.

Number 5 - Breakfast Sandwiches - Make em and freeze em - 2009
A way to prep some fast breakfasts for on the go.  Pretty sure we never make a big batch and froze them again.

Number 4 - Pork Enchiladas - 2005
I forgot about this recipe!  I loved that Everyday Food magazine from Martha Stewart.  Found a lot of good stuff in them.  This was a super easy and tasty recipe that I will need to make again ASAP.

Number 3 - Broccoli Salad - 2006
This is another one that gets hit a lot - who doesn't love Broccoli Salad?  Never made this one again though.  A common theme on this list apparently.

Number 2 - Irish Spiced Beef - 2007
Lord, what an experience.  Reading this post made me laugh and brought back a lot of memories.
Guess what - never tried this one again either!

Number 1 - Shortbread 2006
My most viewed post every year, because everyone loves shortbread cookies.  I make at least one batch of these a year, so bam!  A recipe from long ago that lives on in my kitchen still.