Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bites 11

I have not done much bread baking lately - since November(!). I made some basic white rolls to ease myself back into the game.


This is a corn dish I made  - the recipe is photocopied from a book so I have no source, but it was onion sauteed in oil, corn, curry, lime juice and coconut milk.  Different and very nice, although I thought it was a little too liquidy - was it the coconut milk I used?  But it was good, and I will make it again.


Who remembers the Brie Bagel Melt  I made last year?  Well.
This is raisin toast with brie and honey and walnuts.  OMG. 


Rice bowl!  I love them so much.  This one had ground pork and zucchini and carrots over coconut rice and topped with a fried egg and some sweetened soy sauce.


This is another version of the breakfast buns 

Ham and cheese baby!  Can't go wrong with a classic.