Saturday, March 29, 2014

What lies beneath

On Thursday I decided that I would make a treat to take to work on Friday - yesterday. 
I was thinking cookies - maybe the very decadent Baci di Cioccolati, maybe something new - and just like that - I was running out of time. 
 It was 8:30, I was tired, trying to get the boy to sleep, still needed to figure out lunch and dinner for the next day. I really had no interest of baking, but I also knew I had promised a treat to my coworkers, and did not want to be in trouble for not making good.
 I checked my saved bookmarks - nothing there. Skimmed my posts here that were tagged "Cookies", but nothing grabbed me, and I didn't have all the ingredients needed for the Baci. 
 On my pinterest board I found the answer to my problem - a no bake chocolate and peanut butter bar recipe. 

I didn't have the required graham crumbs, but I did have chocolate crumbs - double chocolate peanut bars? Oh yes. 
 I also used a slightly smaller pan than the recipe calls for, and cut back on the amount of chocolate for the top layer. That was out of necessity - I used all my chocolate chips and buttons and still didn't have much, so I pilfered a dark chocolate Santa that my parents bought the boy from Rogers Chocolates in Victoria and called it a day. 
Yesterday morning I hacked off a piece to leave at home and carted the rest to work. 
At 8:30 I put them out, thinking is it ever really too early for chocolate? 
The answer is no, of course.