Saturday, June 04, 2022

bang bang broccoli

 This is one of my favorite things that I have made lately.  It was so easy and so good - and even the leftovers reheated nicely.

The Boy is still hanging in there on his vegetarian journey, although his interest does seem to be waning.  I always give him the option of a meat or vegetarian meal, unless I'm cooking all vegetarian, and he has been choosing meat a bit more occasionally than before.  It's fine, and we don't put any stress or expectations on him.  I don't always come up with the most exciting menu plans for him, so I'm sure sometimes he's just not interested in more fishless fish and veggies.

But anyway, I thought this would be a fun side/main to try, and I was right.  Not that The Boy felt the same because he got invited over to his friends for dinner and so he abandoned us for cheese pizza and a hockey game.  Humph.

The Girl hated it, of course, but she doesn't like anything fun or interesting.  I made this in the air fryer and it was 100% the way to go.  If you have one, use it for this recipe.  Just so good.

Recipe - Bang Bang Broccoli