Wednesday, September 04, 2019

my favorites in august

August flew by in a matter of seconds, I swear.  How did it happen?  How is it September?  SEPTEMBER 2019??????  Aieeeeee.  I have really got to get my shit together.

Here's a list of things I enjoyed in August -

On Netflix -

Bob Ross.  On Netflix!  Oh man, what a treat.  I used to watch his show on PBS and wish I could be a tiny pinch as artistic as him.  I find his shows so soothing.  I watch them before bed and crash out.

Derry Girls - I'm not too far into this one, but I love it.

Schitts Creek - I am deep into Season 2 and already dreading knowing that the show has come to an end.  So, so good.

On CBC Gem -

Workin' Moms Season 3 - Workin' Moms Instagram did me wrong by making me believe Season 3 was coming to Netflix in August.  It didn't - but you can watch Seasons 1-3 on CBC Gem.


In Book Club news I finished the library book challenge!  On time this year!  Here's my completed list.

One of my favorite books I read for the challenge was Daisy Jones and The Six.  Loved it.  I think I heard that it is being turned into a movie or a tv show?  That's good news.


Lotions and Potions from Winners - I'm not a Winners shopper for no particular reason but I ended up there twice for back to school shopping, and I got some me stuff - face sprays, a face wash and a body oil.  All well under $10 each.  Winners might be my new favorite store.


Forever 35 podcast - This has become one of my favorite podcasts - 2 ladies - one of whom wrote a Book Club book - talking about self care and life.


A local favorite -Cheng Kwong Grocery, head over to 8th Avenue on the North Shore for some amazing shopping for your Asian grocery supplies. Their facebook page is here.