Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Book Club - Vinyl Cafe Unplugged by Stuart McLean

"The two of them thew their snowballs at almost the same moment, and they both laughed in wonder when they collided in mid-air, spraying snow like a shower of icy fireworks through the silence of the night."

"Dave smiled and looked back at the letter in front of him.
I will go out and visit them after supper, he added
And I will write again soon.
Love, he wrote.
Love, Dave"

"Love never ends."


I bought this book early this year because I thought that one of the stories in it had a quote that I wanted to use for my Mom's memorial folder at her service.
I couldn't find the quote I wanted - I remembered the story wrong, so I put the book aside for a while before reading it.  
When the Summer Reading Challenge came along I picked this one for By a Canadian Author.