Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Book Club - The Cook And The Gardener by Amanda Hesser

"Despite rain and cold, our minds turn toward lighter thoughts of sun, flowers, fresh air, even the prosaic prospect of wearing less clothing."

"We entered the long, narrow garden through a delicate wrought-iron arch tangled with climbing roses.  Her garden does not open up and show itself all at once.  It is filled with caches and surprises."

"The hunters are given the forest one day a week, but that is all.  It is mushroom season, after all."


I bought this years ago after I read her other book Cooking for Mr. Latte.  I had to special order The C&G and it took months to show up......and it has sat on various shelves ever since.  I read it for the Summer Reading Challenge Category Picked at random off the library shelf, but instead of off the library shelf, if was picked from my own shelf. 
It was ok.  I liked Cooking for Mr. Latte much better.