Thursday, February 22, 2018

Update on the yellow room

We finally got the touch up painting done in The Girl's room.
With the insomnia I was having at the time my mom was passing, it was easy to get it done early in the mornings  before the kids were up to "help".

Lordy, it's a yellow room.  You will probably be able to see it from space on a sunny summer day.
I like it though.
Both kids have a little window seat in their room, and my mom had made a cushion for The Boy's seat when he was about 3.  I planned on making one for The Girl, but I sort of like it without for now.
That brown stuffy in the middle is a handmade Kanga, from Winnie the Pooh, that an extended family member made me when I was little. It's old.

The picture is a pastel that The Mister's Grandmother did years ago. She was a very talented artist. We have at least 5 more pieces of her work up around the house.
The lamp is sitting on an old wooden laundry hamper I bought years ago at a thrift shop.
I bought some pink spray paint for it; just need some good weather so it can sit outside to dry.

There is a lot of wall in this room- we definitely need some more decorations.  But what?  I was thinking maybe some wall  decals.  Or posters? 

We still haven't started on the prep for painting The Boy's room yet.  He doesn't seem to mind, and I'm relieved because his room is going to be more work - some hole filling and patching and priming to do, not to mention hauling 11,000 pounds of lego out before we can start....