Friday, December 01, 2017

Cajun Linguine

We've got some heavy stuff happening in our family right now and things are not smooth sailing. The days are long and busy and most nights it is late when I get home and everyone is waiting for me and dinner still has to be made before we can talk and catch up, and before you know it, it's time for bed and no one wants to go but me, because I am so damn tired all the time.....and it feels like I've only been home for 10 minutes and the day is over. 
 It's tough. It's draining. It fills me with mom-guilt.

 I continually struggle to find fast meals that everyone will eat - which is 
a nearly impossible challenge! 
We don't have a lot of fridge space, so I can't make much in advance. 
My preferred solution would be to order in each night, but my teeny 
bank account won't let that happen. 

I try to spend some time online on the weekend mornings looking for easy fast meals - and here is  the most delicious pasta I found on Pinterest - Cajun Linguine!

I went a little off recipe - used fresh garlic, chicken broth instead of wine,  subbed all half and half for the heavy cream/light cream combo, and eased up on the cajun spice for my weenie kids.

It was delicious and fast and comforting.  Exactly what I needed.