Thursday, November 30, 2017

Essential Elixers

I went to the hospitals Craft Sale at the hockey arena a few weeks ago. I stopped by a table on my way out called Essential Elixers. Aromatherapy has been part of my life for years and years, since I "discovered" it in my early 20's at a health food store in Calgary. The lady running the table was very nice and answered all my questions and helped me pick out a couple of things - 

I bought an aromatherapy bracelet - you put a couple of drops of oil on the lava beads and wear away.  I have a lava bead necklace that I love.  
I also love the oil that came with this - called Fall in Love.

I liked this spray so much that I bought 2 bottles!  Wake The F Up, 
with my favorite scent, peppermint.

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