Monday, November 27, 2017

You can't spell Painting without Pain

The Mister decided we should paint the kids rooms. The Girl's was the same beige color as the rest of the house. The Boy's is a bit juvenile for him; blue with clouds at the top.

After testing a few paint colors we were ready to go on The Girls room!

I think the pillow was removed before we started.  Getting things out of the way and protecting them from the paint is apparently not a strength of ours.

Both kids were desperate to "help".  We managed to distract them for almost the whole paint - but near the end The Mister and I both took our eyes off The Girl, who took the opportunity to grab a paint brush, dip it in paint, and drip paint on the one area of carpet that wasn't covered with a drop cloth.  AIEEEEEEEEEEEE. 

We did yellow in The Girls room, but 2 weeks later we still haven't found the time to do the touch up work so we can put her room back together.  
She isn't sleeping on the floor, don't worry.  Her toddler bed is in our room.  I should be in more of a hurry to get that painting done!

Up next is The Boy's room, once we find the walls through all the Lego and Star Wars worlds.  We had more trouble picking a color for his room.  He wants green and the first was too dark, the second too light.  He's settled on a mint green.  I am a bit worried about the end result, but then I remember a million years ago I lived in a tiny apartment in downtown Calgary that had mint green fixtures in the bathroom - sink, toilet and tub, and how much I loved it.  So maybe once all the junk is back in the room it will tone it down enough.

I will be done with painting for a while after this, and thankfully the paint is holding up everywhere else in the house except for the trim around the front door, but November is not the time of year for THAT sort of project.
Next I am considering tackling the teenage mutant ninja turtle stickers that have been on the bathroom wall for 3 years.  If anyone knows an easy way to get old stickers off a wall, let me know.