Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cooking from Queso

My new filter again!  Do you love it still?
It won't be making an appearance for a while,  as I forgot my new filter plan almost as quickly as I planned it.

This is the first dish we made from Queso - El Paso Chile Con Queso.
I didn't use the fresh Anaheim peppers - instead I used part of a can of diced green chiles. 
My kids are not fans of heat.  
I also didn't serve this as a dip - I left the chicken a little chunky and served it over rice.
It was AMAZING.  I could eat it every day.

I tried the Chile Con Queso Sausage Balls for a test run for a potluck next month.  They were ok.  A bit dense and very tomato-ey.  We ate them, but they aren't a contender for the potluck.

I need to shave a few pounds off this bod so I can dive into some 
of the cheesier recipes in the book soon.  The melted cheese,  it calls me.