Sunday, November 05, 2017

Dreaming of warmer days

Man, did we get walloped by Winter this week.  Tuesday, Halloween, was cloudy and cool; a bit rainy, but the drizzle stopped by dinner and the kids had a beautiful, not too cool night for trick or treating.  (One of the houses across the street had special effects lights and sounds and it scared The Girl; now every time she sees the house, she says "Fooky house!  OOOOOO!"  and holds her hands up Frankenstein monster style.)

Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day, but before I turned off the computer for the night I saw there was a weather advisory.  Really?  I thought, and toddled off to read scroll Instagram for half an hour.
Thursday morning I woke up to a howling blizzard and a shit load of snow.  WTF.  The wind screamed and it snowed all day and into the night and Friday morning I was out first thing trying to get rid of the snow drifts that were waist deep behind the car.

We are seriously considering buying a snow blower.

I am not a winter person at the best of times.  We don't ski or skate, although I am hoping to try snow shoeing this  year or next, depending on many circumstances.  I would much rather have the sun and heat than snow and cold and ice.  But what can you do, this is where we live.