Saturday, November 05, 2016

Taking Stock - November 5

The lovely Maggie at Mighty Girl recently posted a "taking stock" list inspired by Pip, and I've seen other versions around, so why not join in too.

At the link above, Pip has a blank template you can fill in if you so desire.

Making : more time for yoga.  I took 5 classes this week, and I loved them all - mostly.  I wish my studio either offered more classes at times I could take, or that I could retire and go to all the ones I want.  Taking the 5 was awesome, but also only happened because The Mister was ok with me coming home late one night, and another 2 days because I left work early.

Cooking :  has been pretty low key the last couple of weeks.  I'm out of steam for it.  I sat down this morning to work on next weeks menu plan and instead I am doing this list.

Drinking :  ice tea, as always, and water.  Pretty much the only 2 things I drink.  I've weaned myself off my ice cap habit.  I had one this week and felt terrible afterwards, so that reinforced my decision that this is a good thing.

Reading: Furiously Happy for my book club list.  I have only 3 books to go and I'm done!

Trawling: Instagram for yoga inspiration.

Wanting:  to clean out every inch of this house. 

Looking:  forward to packing up some old clothes and stuff to take to the donation center today.

Deciding:  how energetic I will be this weekend.  Could I do the regular cleaning plus some purging?  Or should it be a lower key weekend?

Wishing:  for peace.  A terrible thing happened here last night - a teenage girl was killed in a hit and run not far from us.  I am shocked and so horribly sad for her family.  Every time I think about her mother, her family, I am in tears.  I hope they find the bastard who did this.  I hope the family will be okay.

Enjoying:  the new stages The Girl is in.  Giving big hugs, her overuse of the word No, in her teeney cute voice.  The Grandparents gave the kids Halloween gifts (???) this year - The Boy got $10 for his wallet, and The Girl got a purse, which she LOVES and must take everywhere.  Last night we walked an endless loop between the kitchen and living room while she carried her purse and said goodbye to her brother and father over and over.

Waiting: for Spring.  I am not a Winter person and can't wait for it to be over, even though it hasn't even begun yet.

Liking:  how I have convinced myself that my Bob's shoe's go with everything - including dresses and skirts for work.

Wondering:  what will happen next week with the American election.  This might be the craziest thing I've ever seen.

Loving: soup.  I'm heading into a big soup phase, I can feel it.

Pondering:  how can I lose these pounds that I've put on since I went back to work?

Listening: to flow/meditation/nature playlists on 8 tracks.  I love them.

Considering:  how we are going to rearrange the house and make space for an office area once we move The Girl into her own room.  We need to purge and declutter big time, and make a space that will be kid friendly and won't cost big bucks.

Buying: nothing but essentials.  Our bank account is low, yo.

Watching: Orange is the New Black when no one is around (so, never), Westworld (which makes me sad and uncomfortable), Speechless (LOVE) and Life in Pieces.

Hoping: that one day my children will sleep in on a weekend morning.  Ha!

Marvelling: at the book Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed.  I bought it months ago, and this morning when I was moving some stuff around I opened it and read a page.  Whoa.  I can't wait to get to it.

Cringing: at Americans and their election.  Holy Shit.

Needing:  to clean out the fridge and see what needs to be used up.

Questioning:  what I can do to make this world better.

Smelling: nothing.  My nose does not work well since my last pregnancy.  The Mother In Law very generously bought me a new diffuser from Saje for my birthday, but I can hardly ever smell it.

Wearing: more colors and patterns.  Trying to get away from all black and baggy clothes.  It's hard.

Following:  lots of yoga people and celebrities on Instagram.  I deleted my Twitter a while back, and started up a new one that only follows news, weather, traffic, and Chrissy Teigen, but I only check it if I'm looking for something.  So over Twitter.

Noticing: how awful my skin has been lately.  I've been breaking out almost daily on my face and neck.  Ugh.

Knowing: i need to also clean out our pantry and get rid of all the chips and candy.  We were good for so long - what happened???

Thinking: about buying some new indoor plants.

Admiring:  Jenny Lawson.  Even before Furiously Happy.

Getting: overwhelmed by thinking about the next 2 months.  Birthdays and Christmas = $$$.

Bookmarking:  yoga poses to try, and blogs I hope to love.  I need some new blogs to follow.

Disliking:  the time change tonight.  WHY do we still do this???

Opening:  drawers and closets in this house gives me the chills.  So much stuff.

Giggling:  doesn't happen enough.

Feeling:  too much anxiety lately.

Helping: The Boy with his reading is a lesson in patience.

Hearing:  yelling and complaining and tattling.  The kids are up.

Celebrating: the kids birthdays this month and next.

Pretending:  I'm a good singer.

Embracing:  my family.