Saturday, November 05, 2016

Something I like - Peppermint soap

A super fun side effect that stuck around from my last pregnancy was a sensitivity to "smells" - like perfumes, cleaners, air fresheners, hairspray.  It can give me a short lasting mild headache to actually becoming physically ill.  Super.   Fun.
We've replaced air fresheners and laundry soaps and softeners with more natural varieties and doing the same with cleaners is a work in progress.  I mostly like the Method brand, although some of the scents are still too strong for me.  
I've wanted to try these Dr Bronners soaps for years and I finally bought a bottle of peppermint - one of my favorite scents.  I've been into aromatherapy for a long time, and peppermint can often cure or aid what ails me.  The soap can reportedly do it all - clean your body, laundry, bathroom and windows.  I've mostly used it as hand soap in the bathrooms (diluted about 50-50 and put into an old soap bottle for "foamy" soap) and in a spray bottle, again diluted about 50-50 for spot cleaning and quick wipes.  It cleans well and the smell is easy to take.
If peppermint is not your thing, they've got scents like rose, eucalyptus, lavender and unscented too.