Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Something I Like - Egg Labelling at Save On Foods

We did our grocery shopping last week at Save On Foods, and I was surprised 
and very happy by something I saw there:

Labels denoting how the hens that lay your eggs are treated!
According to this article from last year (so I am obviously very blind), the eggs are labelled in 4 categories - Caged, Cage Free Free-Run, Cage Free Free-Range, and Cage Free Organic.

Each has a description so you can understand what each category really means.

I think this is an amazing and extremely helpful tool.  The descriptions made me change which eggs I buy on the spot - the eggs I normally buy that tout their hens as antibiotic free, and fed a vegetarian diet, are caged.  I was shocked.  I had assumed that they would be cage free.

Kudos to Save On Foods!