Wednesday, September 09, 2015

How to : Freeze Zucchini

I bought way too much zucchini which normally wouldn't be a problem, 
but we were getting ready to go away for a week. 
I didn't want to leave it in the fridge in case it spoiled 
while we were gone,  and there was no time left to eat it. 

 What to do? I froze it.

 I washed and cut the ends off the zukes, and cut them in half lengthwise
 to make sure they would fit in the food tube of my food processor. 

Then I shredded them.

I was ready to start portioning out the shredded veg, but since
 frozen veggies can sometimes be a bit mushy once thawed, 
I decided to squeeze out as much liqiud as I could before 
measuring out 1 cup portions into bags.

The little bags were loaded into large freezer bags and then placed gently in the freezer.
I haven't used any yet, but I'm thinking baking and soups will be good 
places to see how the zucchini stood up to freezing.