Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Instagram - 30 books reviewed

I've reviewed 30 cookbooks from my shelves, and 23 have stayed put. 

I was tidying up a couple of weeks ago getting ready for some company, and I stopped to take a hard look at my cookbooks shelves.  
I pulled off 8 books that really held no appeal for me to cook from - 6 were retro cookbooks from various used book sales, and 2 were juicing books.  
I do own a juicer but we never use it.  It seems so wasteful to not just eat the fruit and veggies, once you juice and see how much stuff you throw away.  
But it was a gift, and that stops me from getting rid of it.
The cookbooks went to the thrift store untested, and I feel good about it.
I'm not going to cook from books because I feel like I have to.
This is supposed to be a fun project, not to force me to cook food we don't want to eat.
I'm trying to be tough, to pare down my collection but I do find it hard.  
I am more sentimental than I'd like to admit sometimes.