Sunday, March 09, 2014

Vietnamese Subs and Crock Pots

I'm here! I didn't go away again! 
We - and by we I mean pretty much everyone I know - has been sick.  This has been a bad year for flu and cold bugs.  I think we're mostly over everything now, but my boy is still not 100%.  
Nothing very thrilling has been going on around here, and that includes cooking.

I've had this recipe saved on Pinterest for a while. 
This is my favorite kind of food - I think I've documented that well over the years.
I liked the recipe, but didn't love it.  I found the sauce too strong and salty.  But I would try again, with modifications - cut down on the soy and hoisin, add more broth or water. 
My favorite Vietnamese style sub is still my no-recipe recipe for chicken subs.

We've got a very busy few months coming up, and I thought it would be wise to plan ahead for dinners to make it easier on busy days.
I've been trying to find some make ahead meals and crock pot recipes, but I haven't had much luck so far.  Today the crock pot is cooking a beef roast in homemade bbq sauce - I'm hoping to get 4 meals out of the pot, one for this week and 3 to go in the freezer.  I also assembled and froze a turkey meatloaf recipe, and froze some leftover baked pasta.
I bought some bulk ground pork, ground beef and chicken thighs, and froze them in 1 pound bags.
But now the hard part - finding something to DO with them.