Friday, February 07, 2014

Cabbage Gratin

 I must admit I never think of cabbage when I think of veggies to cook for meals.  Cabbage?  I think coleslaw.  I think cabbage rolls (shudder).  I think - well, that's about it.

But I've seen lots of recipes lately - in my paleo searches, and on Pinterest - for grilled cabbage, cabbage "noodles", serving chopped cabbage instead of rice with stir fries and curries, and it made me think I should be more adventurous. 

I tried a cabbage gratin from the book Canadian Living's Vegetarian Collection.  I reviewed this book a few years ago, and it's a good book, so I was confidant this was a good starting point in my cabbage explorations.

I made a couple of changes - the savoy cabbage at the Superstore looked nasty and old, so I bought a napa cabbage instead.  I used a cup of light cream and a half cup of milk, but next time I think I would go with only a cup of liquid.  I also used panko bread crumbs instead of fresh, olive oil instead of butter, and parmesan instead of gruyere for the topping. 

The adults loved this, the kid tolerated it.  Cabbage is moving up the charts in our house.