Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fiesta Mexicana - Kamloops

Early last year the Kamloops restaurant Fiesta Mexicana scored a spot on the food network show You Gotta Eat Here.
 A big deal! (Side note - I wish the show would visit more eateries out West - it's so heavy on the East)

 Last Spring we had to plan a work dinner, so 6 of us visited Fiesta Mexicana, super excited and ready to eat on someone else's dime.

I had a beergarita. It was delicious.
My friend had the enormous and tasty taco salad.
Another co-worker tried the Burrito Guadalajara - a dish that was featured on the tv show.  She loved it.
I had the Mole Poblano, my very favorite Mexican dish.

My other coworkers tried enchiladas, nachos, and taquitos.

The food was great, service was terrible.  And that was the theme that stood on my 2 follow up visits - good food, truly awful service.  I went back with the fam about a month later - and I had exactly the same thing - the mole and beergarita.  The mole was still very good, the drink was not nearly as nice.  We enjoyed everything but the service.  It was even worse.  And my last visit in the fall - the less said the better.  But.  A waitress who not only ignored us unless we got out of our chairs and tracked her down.  Who did not understand the menu and recommended dishes that were the exact opposite of what we wanted.  Who took our drink order for a second round of drinks that still hadn't shown up long after we had finished eating and were ready to go.  And then seemed surprised that I wanted to cancel them.  

Service is a huge deal breaker for me, so I am not in a hurry to go back.  Maybe one day, but not soon.  However the food is terrific, and there is a lot of variety.  If you're looking for good Mexican food, tone down your service expectations and give them a try.

Fiesta Mexicana
793 Notre Dame Drive