Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bites v 6

Back in June I posted a Wordless recipe for toast with peanut butter and bacon. An anonymous reader left a comment on that post with instructions on how to make peanut butter bacon spread. When Scott read that, there was no stopping him.

It was really really good! I was skeptical, but was won over. Salty smokey bacon and creamy peanut butter are a match made in heaven.

We saw Jamie Oliver make this relish on his new(ish) show Jamie at Home - Jalapeno Avocado relish. At least, that's what I call ours. His is called something else similar, but the book is alllllll the way in the other room right now.

I first served the relish with some chicken breast I'd smoked in an old smoker bag. That bag had to have been 5 years old. About time to use it. The chicken and relish paired well together. The smoked pineapple, not so much. Grilled pineapple rocks. This smoked pineapple just tasted oily and weird. A waste of perfectly good pineapple!

Here's a del.icio.us recipe for you from La Mia Cucina. I bookmarked this recipe in January 2007. Lisa made this for Weekend Cookbook Challenge, and even though I'd saved it, I was never sure I'd make it. Until I was faced with 3/4's of a large head of purple cabbage leftover from a salad recipe. I still had coleslaw in the fridge from the pork sandwiches, so we tried Lisa's stew

Kielbasa Stew.
This received good but mixed results. I'd had a choice between 3 kielbasa's at the store. I personally don't think I chose the best one. I enjoyed the "soup" part (I didn't cook it as long as the recipe recommends, so it was soupy, which is what I wanted), but wasn't crazy about the sausage. I found it too firm. Scott just loved the whole thing, and ate 2 bowlfuls that night. I divided the leftovers into lunch for Scott for the next day, and the rest for my parents. And mixed reviews from them too - my Dad enjoyed the veggies and soup, my mom thought the sausage was the best part.

Back in the summer Scott's sister, brother in law and our nephew came to visit. That kid survived on a diet of ribs, skinny cow fudge pops, peas, and goldfish crackers the whole weekend. (The adults ate pretty much the same thing, with a few cocktails in the evenings.) One day I sat with my nephew as he ate his snack, and he was kind enough to share a couple of his goldfish crackers with me. They were good! A month later on holiday, a bowl of goldfish crackers turned up at the bar we were having a pre-dinner drink at, and when we went home, I added them to my grocery list. The bag sat untouched for a couple of months until I was trying to figure out what to do with some chicken for dinner. Cheddar Chicken Fingers were born.

The little crackers were so happy to go swimming in my mortar. Or pestle.

A massacre! Avert your eyes!

I lightly spread the chicken strips with mustard, and breaded them with the ground up flesh of hundred of small cheesy goldfish.

Then they were baked and eaten. The end.

This was a Nigella recipe for Risi e Bisi - Rice and Peas. Basically a soupy risotto. It was ok.


Anonymous said...

You are such a recipe machine!! How long were you cooking these? It would take me a month and a good brain to remember to take all of the pictures to do ampost like this!

Sara said...

some of these are from the fall, and older! this is why i do these "bite" posts - to get rid of, i mean, share all this stuff.

tavolini said...

ooh--I think the goldfish chicken strips sound EXCELLENT :)

That relish looks good, too. Would it work alone with tortilla chips?

foodiechickie said...

I saw that goldfish recipe yesterday. I really want to try it.

Sara said...

TavoLini - i love the goldfish chicken, it's my new favorite way to bake chicken. I think the relish would be good with chips too. I also added it to salads, which was a nice change.

FC - it's so good! Hope you like it.

natalia said...

Ciao ! I love the fishes !!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

How come I'm stuffed but see the bacon and peanut butter spread and I want some RIGHT NOW... Now you see why I was hiding from myself...

Deborah said...

It all looks so good!! I'm really drawn towards the little fishes, though - what a great idea!!

Ruth Daniels said...

Great post and I particularly love the photo of the feeeesssse as my grandson calls them making their way to the mortar and pestle.