Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Cookbook Challenge - Fake n Bake Chicken

I've already got some pretty great contributions coming in for this months Weekend Cookbook Challenge! This month our theme is 5 Ingredients or Less, chosen by a non-blogger reader, Lynn.

I mentioned in my pea post that I had a hard time finding recipes that would fit the bill. After flipping through 6 or 7 books with no luck, I found myself with my copy of Eat Shrink and Be Merry by Janet and Greta Podleski. Last time I used one of their books for WCC it was a complete failure. But if you fall off the horse you have to get back on, so I picked a yummy sounding bbq-baked chicken recipe called Fake n Bake Chicken.

I gathered up the ingredients I would need: Chicken Thighs, hoisin sauce, bbq sauce, lemon juice, chili powder, and, um, hmmmm. Ginger.

Ooops. That actually appears to be 6 ingredients instead of 5, doesn't it. IN MY DEFENSE, I honestly thought there were only 5 ingredients in this recipe. It wasn't until I took the above picture I realized I should work on my counting and reading skillz.

S-M-R-T! Ah well, moving on. So in a bowl, you mix together 1/3 cup each of hoisin and bbq sauce, then add 1 TB lemon juice, 2 tsp grated ginger and 1/2 tsp chili powder. Whisk it all together. Put 12 boneless skinless chicken thighs (OR 4 boneless skinless chicken breast pieces) in a pan sprayed with spray or lined with foil. Pour the sauce over the chicken and turn the chicken pieces in the sauce until they are all covered. Bake at 400' for 30-40 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through.

Yum! A really really great chicken dish with a great sweet sauce. I liked this because in addition to it being a delicious dinner, it's got only a few ingredients (ahem), and is pretty speedy. You could mix this all up in the morning, toss in the fridge and then when you get home from work, all you have to do is throw in the oven! Nothing like a good fast home cooked dinner.

I made another batch of those fantastic peas with lettuce and mint to go along with them.

Want to take part in WCC? It's easy! Find a recipe in a cookbook, magazine, on the internet, or wherever you'd like that fits this months theme. Make it, blog about it and send me a link by January 30. My email is iliketocook AT shaw DOT ca.


NKP said...

I can't count anymore either. Must be the snow..
I am glad this one is a winner, I sometimes wonder about those gals..
You can't go wrong with chicken and all those great flavours - healthy and delish!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

;) I think I like the way you count Sara. Don't count the chicken it's the main deal not an ingredient;) works for me.
Looks like a great dish.

Sara said...

Natashya - I have all 3 of their books, but have only cooked maybe 5 or 6 recipes total. From what I can recall, 2 were total disasters and the rest were good, but only 1 have I made more than once.

Tanna - That may have been what I did- count the sauce ingredients and not the chicken. Oh well. :)

mimi said...

this dish looks great, so yummy and simple! and i think i might even have a recipe to share, but i have to go back and count again ;-)

Sara said...

hey mimi, even if it doesn't, send it in!

Anonymous said...

Hi I found this cool recipe for Artichoke-scrambled Eggs Benedict. Has anyone ever tried it? Sounds good and I hope it is. Here is the link with the recipe and article. nice site to whoever created it.

Deborah said...

this sounds delicious - and all ingredients I have on hand!!