Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Market

I've been lax on my market posts, but sadly it's because the market isn't really super yet this year. Just like everywhere else our cool wet spring has messed things up for the farmers, and there hasn't been much if any fresh produce. Three weeks ago we picked up a coffee for Scott and a juice for me and shared a piece of bannock for breakfast

All we bought that week were some enormous freak of nature green onions, a cherry tomato plant and a mint plant.

Last week we went to the Friday market on the North Shore (2 raspberry bushes and more basil plants. The basil has already died.) but skipped Saturdays market. In unrelated news, check out our strawberry plant:

This weeks market was great. It was nice and busy and there were some new vendors there. And better yet there was produce!
We got rapini from my favorite vendor, who also tried to get us to buy some kale, but we've got lots of veggies in the fridge that need to be eaten first. Hopefully he'll have some next week. We bought some organic tomatos, clover honey, mixed beans and lentils and salad mix from a new organic stall, and a little head of lettuce. Definitely our best haul so far this year.

Then after the market we drove to Paul Lake and walked and sat. We saw loons and eagles and cranes. It was a lovely couple of hours and I was sorry when it was time to go.

Thanks for coming to visit, I hope to be back tomorrow with some garden pictures.