Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The magical fruit: A Work in Progress. Also, Grapples part deux

I am working on perfecting my baked beans.

Note, these are not burned. Just the pot is. It's my Emil Henry pot, by the way. First time I've used it. I think.

The basics of the beans - black beans, vegetable broth, tomato sauce, brown sugar, soy sauce, cumin, garlic, onion. These ones had too much garlic. Never thought I'd utter those words, but there you go.

Do you like baked beans? I like baked beans. Beans on toast is the BEST.

Also, I had a grapple for breakfast this morning.

It........tasted like an apple. But vaguely smelled like candy-grapes. Odd. And disappointing. I was hoping for something freaky, actually.

Here's a picture of our new plate set. A couple of you mentioned the side plate in comments on the cinnamon bun post, so I'm sharing for all the world to see.

Gah. Sorry, sucky post today. I'm tired and uninspired. Scott's sick. Damn snow.
NaBloPoMo - only 3 more days.


breadchick said...

I love the plates and as for baked beans, I'll email you my great aunt's recipe! It's an original Boston Baked Bean recipe handed down in our family since lord only knows when; a real Boston Baked Bean recipe since the family has been in Boston since the late 1600's.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Sara, your beans would be a hit here in Brazil - with rice, they would become our daily basic dish! :)

The plates are beautiful! Tks for sharing!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

So good to know I shouldn't get all in a titther about the grapple trying to find it.
Love both the plates.
What an offer from BreadChick!

Sara said...

Mary - yes, yes, yes!!! Please send me the recipe. I'd love to try something authentic like that.

Patricia - beans with rice is almost as good as beans on toast!

Tanna - Yes, Grapples won't be on any Must Have Lists, I don't think. Sorry Grapples!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful plates!