Sunday, April 15, 2007

Preserved Lemon - The Lemoning - Part One

Some of you may remember that back in February I started to make preserved lemons. Then I updated the progress and used some of the quick batch for WCC 14. And then I went on holidays and sort of forgot about them. I'd see them in my fridge and go "Oh yeah!" and then forget again. But someone out there wouldn't let me forget! A lovely reader named Mike has also made some lemons that were ready for use on April 1 and has been waiting for me to get off my keister and do something with them, already! So this one's for Mike:

Mashed Potato and Preserved Lemon Cakes

I made these to get rid of some leftover potato. These would go very well with roast chicken. I really enjoyed the chutney with them, you may not.

1 cup mashed potatos
1 tb finely chopped preserved lemon

oil for frying
mango chutney, optional

Pull the flesh off the rind of the lemon and discard the flesh. Rinse the rind under water and pat dry. Mince the rind very finely (i put mine in the food processor) and mix into the mashed potatos. Heat some oil in a pan over medium heat and form the potatos into small cakes. Fry the cakes, turning once, until golden on both sides. Serve plain or with chutney or other topping (sour cream, maybe?)

Mike, I'm working on some other stuff! Don't give up on me yet!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Sara this sounds extra ordinary so good. I just did some finely julienned sweet potatoes as hash browns that were excellent but the preserved lemon would have made them genius!
I've had some preserved lemons in my fridge in Dallas for months and like you keep forgetting them. I hope I remember this when I get back home!

Michael said...

Sara - mykitchen's idea about the sweet potatoes sounded so good, I just tried it. I mixed a grated sweet potato with an egg, some flour and a preserved lemon rind and fried it up. Good stuff!! I might add just a bit more lemon though, I didn't think the lemon jumped out enough. The preserved lemon rind seems like a perfect cold dish ingredient - I'm thinkng a pasta salad with lemon rind strips, tomato and basil. - Mike (the lemon pest)

Mags said...

Sounds delicious! I can't wait to see what else you will do with the preserved lemons.

Brilynn said...

I've got preserved lemons on the go right now too, they won't be ready for another month and a half too.

Sara said...

Tanna - super idea, i will have to remember that one.

Mike! I want to hear about the pasta salad.

Mags - Me neither!

Brilynn - i KNOW that whatever you do with them will be genius.

Emmy said...

I've still got preserved lemons on my to-do list :) I am very intrigued by it. The potato and preserved lemon patties sound tasty.

Lis said...

I was so wondering what happened to the rest of your lemons just last week! I love what you did with the potatoes, I agree, that'd be a perfect side dish with chicken.. yum!


Freya and Paul said...

What a wonderful idea and usage for my preserved lemons! That's two in one day (jeff at C for Cooking made a delicious chicken dish using them too). Thanks!

Sara said...

emmy - they were even good with ketchup!

lis - i've got to get working, lots of lemons left!

f&p - thanks! i'll have to check out Jeff's chicken, preserved lemon and chicken is the best combination.

knitphomaniac said...

ah, potato pancakes :) delish! :) Never thought of adding lemon to it though, sounds fantastic!