Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Monthly Mingle 5 - Take Two - Zucchini Saltimbocca

Meeta from the gorgeous blog What's For Lunch Honey hosts the Monthly Mingle, another great food event, and another one that I always miss out on. But not this month! This time around I was primed and ready to take part in Monthly Mingle 5 - Take Two in which Meeta gives us two ingredients to use in our dish.

Meeta chose sage and zucchini (squash) which thrilled me as I love both. AND I could use some delicious leaves off my lovely sage plant.

For Meeta's Monthly Mingle I made Saltimbocca of Zucchini:

I got the idea from a recipe on the food channel - you can see it here.
Our zucchini were quite large so we cut them into rounds instead of lengthwise. This was a super idea as it turned the saltimbocca's into little "sandwiches" that were easy to hold in your hand and eat.

I used mozzarella instead of fontina and didn't bother with exact amounts of ingredients. They came together in a snap and were a huge hit at dinner.

Thank you Meeta for hosting the Monthly Mingle. I enjoyed taking part this month and look forward to seeing what the next Mingle will bring.


Rachel said...

that looks really good!

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Your zucchini are quite large...did you grow them yourself?

Annie said...

Wow. Those are some large zucchini. Were there a lot of seeds?? I usually buy the small ones because I thought the larger ones had more seeds.

Well either way they look great. :)

Anonymous said...

What a pretty sage plant. That's cool you grow your own :)

Lea said...

oooh I do love sage!!
That recipe looks mighty tastey too! ;-)

Cyndi said...

Oooh that looks good. I love zucchini, fixed lots of different ways. I also thought I'd let you know I fixed the Meat Sauce Mix link!

Sara said...

rachel - yes they were, i'm going to make them again for sure.

peabody - no, i have what is known as a "black thumb". I bought them from the farmers market.

annie - they were beautiful zucchini, no big seeds at all.

emmy - i grow one every summer - they are pretty hard to kill.

lea - i love sage too, i used to grow it just because it is a pretty plant. i love sage with potatos.

cyndi - i have been zucchini crazy this summer! thanks for the recipe for the meat sauce. sounds good.

Morgan said...

And because if you dry itm you have home grown sage all year round, and that's a good thing. I like mine for making stock.

Brilynn said...

Great idea! They look tasty!

Lis said...

Lordie that looks good! I love zucchini - and thanks to this month's mingle I got to use up some of my sage plant too, which I haven't really used that much all summer, so that was a bonus =)

Hey.. do you bring your plant in for the winter or do you start new ones each summer? I brought mine in and I think the shock of the warm house is killing it. :( It took about 2 weeks and my leaves are turning black and falling off.. am so disappointed. I'm thankful that I cut the plant down a month or so ago and dried the leaves or I wouldn't have any fresh Sage for Thanksgiving. My basil still seems to be doing fine inside but the sage and lemon verbena are dying slow deaths. Gah.

Well regardless, I'll be trying this recipe during the cold months - nothing better than zucchini in the winter to remind you of those summer nights! :D

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Yummy! What a perfect snack. It sounds and looks really good and I am sure perfect for my son, Soeren. He loves zucchini! Sara, I am soooo happy to welcome you to the monthly mingle this month. Hugs!

Sara said...

pw - that is a good idea - homedried herbs are so much better than store bought.

brilynn - thanks, they were!

lis - i tried last year to bring my lemon thyme in, but it died by January. I am trying again this fall with basil and mint, but I'm not expecting them to live.

meeta - thank you! I'm so glad to join you this month, and here's to hoping I'll be back next time.