Thursday, October 12, 2006


The delicious Poppy from Poppy Cedes recently chronicled her
magnet collection. Last night I pulled all the magnets off my fridge so I could do the same.

Top from left to right:
Koala Crossing magnet from Australia (gift - I have never been), a potato magnet from Prince Edward Island (never been there either) and a magnet from our trip to Las Vegas.
sun wind chime from Australia, Prince of Wales Hotel magnet from Waterton, one from Tofino, BC.
Free with purchase magnet that doubles as a beer opener. Classy!
Top row:
I heart button I bought in San Francisco and turned into a magnet, a vase magnet, a magnet from my parents recent trip to Newfoundland.
A Shrimp magnet from the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in San Francisco, a moose from Alaska (haven't been there either), a Mickey from Disneyland, and a waiter magnet. The waiter has magnets in his hands so you can pose him.
a turtle from Cayman Islands (haven't been there), double decker bus from England (nope, not there either), Golden Gate Bridge in SF.
Beware of Rattlesnakes magnet from B.C., another from Nova Scotia, and a glass lobster I bought at Millarville last year.

Well, obviously my magnet collection is much better traveled than I am!

So, what's holding up the junk on your fridge?


Lis said...

hahaha! I love them.. and now I want to take down my eleventy billion pictures of all my neices and nephews to photo all of my eclectic magnets too!

I especially love the glass lobster, the bubba gump shrimp and the waiter! I never knew there was an actual Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.! How cool =)

Anonymous said...

Great post. I love that double decker bus magnet. Really cute. I have all my fridge magnets packed away at the moment while we have our place for sale.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

My fridge is covered with my son's letter and number magnets.

Poppy said...

You have seriously awesome magnet! WOW! Best collection I've seen in my life! Thanks for playing. :)

jasmine said...

Great much more exotic than mine. Apart from darling little turtles that Sam sent me, all of mine are from pharmacies, the hospital, stores, cab firms...


Anonymous said...


Lea said...

I think I have magnetphobia. I just cant stand them! Poor Dave keeps trying to sneak stuff on there, and I move them over to the side where I can't see them.... dont look at me like that!!! Gimme credit for trying to reach a middle ground!!

Sara said...

lis - bubba gump is down at fishermans wharf - we didn't eat there, just bought the magnet.

emmy - because many of our magnets were gifts my favorite thing about them is they remind me of my friends and family.

cj - as it should be!

poppy - thanks for the great idea!

jasmine - turtles! love them.

julia - thanks!

lea - i know, for someone who has so many magnets i have to admit i don't like to have too much stuff on the fridge door. it drives me crazy.