Monday, May 30, 2022

thursday dinner - monte cristo sliders and monster cookies

 There is truly no joy in cooking for kids.  They hate everything and I swear they have been taking drama classes, the way they act after I've worked all day and then cook for them.  The Boy can sometimes be slightly polite while telling me he doesn't like whatever I've made that isn't ramen or potato chips, but The Girl  seems to be in  a no filter stage and often doesn't even make it into the kitchen before starting her tirade on how she is not going to eat what I made.

What is the benefit here???

This one went over pretty well, I mean it is sandwiches for goodness sake, and usually everyone in the family likes those.  Monte Cristo sandwiches always make me think of Disneyland, and this version is nice and easy with no batter or frying.

I left the jam out of the sandwiches and served it on the side, just in case that was what would push my kids over the edge and make them refuse to eat ham sandwiches, but us adults added it at the table and it was so delicious.  An easy dinner.

Monte Cristo pull apart sliders 

For dessert I made flourless monster cookie bars but I think I under baked them as they were super soft and hard to eat.  But they tasted good - can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.  Add some oats and it's practically a healthy breakfast.  Right???