Tuesday, May 03, 2022

recent foods


this is not the very delicious sheet pan chicken meatballs, this is the batter for The Girl's birthday cupcakes.

this is a box of tim biebs timbits, not the best potato-latkes I've ever made.

this is our version of Ina Garten's kielbasa with mustard dip
i used sour cream instead of mayo for the dip by mistake but we loved it that way
this is delicious pea soup.

this is not the very delicious one pot beef stifado that I made and we enjoyed so much and then our fridge stopped working and we lost a bunch of food including the leftover stifado which I think would have made very delicious leftovers, this is a rainy April walk.

This is from homemade pizza night, it's not a super delicious Creamy Tuscan Orzo that almost everyone in the family liked.  Almost.

These are deer at MacArthur Island, not Weeknight Root Vegetable Dal that only the Mister and I liked.