Saturday, December 04, 2021

2 new cookbook on my shelf

 Potential gift ideas for your holiday lists?

I'm probably not quite the fan of Chrissy Teigen as I used to be for no particular reason, but even though I told myself I didn't need to buy her third cookbook, I couldn't resist.  I truly have enjoyed her first two quite a bit and I just couldn't say no to this one.  I have only flipped through it once so far, and that's when I was sick, so nothing grabbed me right away, so it's too early to tell how I feel.  I'll give it another more thorough read through soon, and make a list of things to try.


I actually impulse bought this one a few months ago after seeing some rave reviews online about it.  Julia Turshen has written 4 of her own books - I would LOVE to get my hands on Small Victories - and collaborated on other books including Hot Bread Kitchen, which I love, and one of Gwyneth Paltrow's books.  It is a truly excellent book.  I've tried 3 recipes so far and they've been great.  This is a definite keeper.