Monday, October 11, 2021

new mugs!

 I am now on coffee and tea tik tok, which means I get to see peoples super cool mugs and be horribly jealous of them.

I had to take The Boy to Wal Mart to buy some school supplies - calculator, highlighters, sketch book - the kinds of supplies I love - and before we got started he wanted to go roam the video game aisle, so I went off and got some groceries and then decided to look at the mugs there, even though I knew there was no way Wal Mart would have any cute mugs.  I got to the aisle and it was totally picked over; practically bare.  I started to walk away and then - what was that way at the back of that shelf?

I mean....

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Never would I have expected to find such cute mugs at Wal Mart, AND they were under $4 each.  

They were the only 2 of these styles on the shelves and I get paranoid every time the kids insist on drinking their water or ginger ale out of them, but for now before my kids break them, I'm enjoying them.  The avocado one is a little hard to drink out of with the flat side, but it's so cute I'm willing to overlook that small flaw.


Another day I had some time to waste before a kid pick up so I rolled over to Winners to peruse the selection of my all time favorite obsession, face sprays, and after limiting myself to ONE spray (I should have rewarded myself with another spray for showing such restraint) I wandered through the dishes and look what I found there - 

So cute!  Dramatic, but understated.  Spooky, but not enough to be considered a seasonal mug.  Not that I take these things into consideration; we use our Christmas mugs year round.  But you know what I mean.

That night when we were washing the dishes, The Mister pulled the label sticker off the other side of the mug and uncovered - 

A spider!  Too cute.