Thursday, September 16, 2021

cookbook cleanup 27 - Fraiche Food


It makes me uncomfortable to write about cookbooks I don't like.  I can't even imagine how hard it is, how much work, goes into writing a cookbook.  These things take years and a lot of effort.  And really, who am I to judge?  So I'm going to be quick.  Backstory - I ordered this book last summer on a day when I was feeling very down and very very sorry for myself, and for some reason I thought this would make me feel better; snap me out of my funk and cure all my problems.  It did not.  But!  That isn't the books fault.  I'm just not the target audience for this book.  I'm not sure who is, but it isn't me.  This book has a very strong chilling with your girls and getting cocktails at the popular BC chain restaurants vibe.  This book is white, in that so many of the photos seem overexposed and light that it hurt my eyes to look at them, and they made the book seem bland to me.  The food seems fine, but there wasn't much I was interested in trying.  I made a couple of things - some cookies, banana bread.  They were fine.    

So this book has moved on and off my shelf and  I hope it finds a home where it can be appreciated. 

Cookbook Cleanup results so far - Back on the bookshelf - 14  Donated -13