Monday, February 01, 2021

My February goal - MWE

 Have you heard of MWE - Music Writer Exercise - in which you listen to one album a day in the month of February, an album you have never listed to before.

I discovered it this past Saturday night; Saturday afternoon I was in the car with my kids and they were singing along to the radio while I kept saying "What song is this?  Who sings it?  How do you know this?"

I used to love listening to new music and new-to-me music, but somewhere along the way I settled into only listening to music I already knew, or classical and nature sounds to calm my nerves.  In the car I listen to the same CD's over and over, and while I work I listen to podcasts or ocean or bird sounds to keep me sane.

I'm excited to give this a try and discover some new to me music this month, and I will be focusing on Black artists as well.

I hope to come back here each week and let you know what I listened to.  If you're interested, check out the #MWE tag on twitter.