Wednesday, December 02, 2020

korean fried chicken in the 'loops

 Sometimes - only sometimes! - this town has nice things, and right now we are on a bit of a roll.  We got an Old Navy.  We've got a new fancy grocery store.  And we've got more than one option for korean fried chicken.  And I've eaten from two of them so far.

First we tried Tongdak which is downtown on Victoria St.

We tried the Gan Jang - garlic and soy, and the Cheese Prinkle, with homemade cheese powder.

They were both delicious.

We also tried the newer Jay's Sushi and Tempura House, up on Summit Drive in Sahali.

From there we tried some original KFC, as well as some sushi and tempura and noodles and loved it all.

Yay Kamloops!


Jay's Sushi and Tempura House