Tuesday, November 17, 2020

i made an omelette!

I've watched a few episodes of Selena and Chef on Crave, and it's a pretty fun show.  The premise if you haven't seen it is that professional chefs teach a non chef how to cook - over video chat.  Truly a made for a pandemic tv show.

I've had a couple of favorite episodes, but the episode with Chef Ludo Lefebvre was the top for me, because now I know how to make a real omelette.

When I was a kid my mom had one of those omelette pans that was 2 separate sides and hinged in the middle.  I don't think it really gave her the results she wanted, because I don't remember her using it a ton, but I do remember not being very excited about omelette breakfasts because the outside of the omelettes were always browned, and I HATE eggs that are cooked so long they brown.  Hate hate hate.  And because of that I never made them at home or ordered them at restaurants.  

But!  The recipe he showed Selena cooked quickly and didn't brown and I was so interested to try it, so I did, the very next morning.

You guys, making an omelette is so easy.  So easy!!!!!  I made 3 practically perfect omelettes in almost no time at all.

My favorite part might have been the filling - boursin cheese, which we happened to have in the fridge, yay, a cheese that the chef called something like "the velveeta of France."

 I've made them a few times now and they turn out lovely every time.  

If you've never tried to make one before you should!

Ludo Lefebvre's omelet recipe at Bon Appetit

Ludo Lefebvre's youtube video