Friday, July 31, 2020

my favorites in july

Here's a few things I enjoyed in July -


I didn't pay attention to the news when Hamilton came out a few years ago as me seeing a Broadway show is super highly unlikely.  But when they announced it was coming out on Disney + I was excited - and I LOVED it.  I love the actors, I love the music, I cry every time I hear certain songs.  To my extreme delight, The Girl loves the music too and we often play the soundtrack in the evenings and sing together.

After falling for Hamilton and spending some time googling the show and cast I also fell in love with these 2 albums -

Leslie Odom Jr - Mr.

Jasmine Cephas Jones - Blue Bird

And another album I'm loving -

The Chicks - Gaslighter


2 Podcasts

Why Won't You Date Me

Nicole Byer is a dang treat you guys.

Natch Beaut

This is an unlikely one for me as to look at me does not make you think of beauty in any way, but this podcast covers a huge range of topics from skin care and self care to mental health, self acceptance and a ton of other categories.  Jackie Johnson is an amazing host and she always has great guests.  This is a podcast that I started listening to at Episode 1 and am still working my way through, but there are a few specific episodes I want to mention from 2019 - Self Acceptance with Jeffrey Marsh made me cry and I now follow Jeffrey on Twitter and Instagram; Gender Dysphoria with Ellen Ford is a great listen;  McDonald's Frappuccinos with Travis Coles; Dancing with Grandma with Atsuko Okatsuka; Brag Better wit Meredith Fineman.