Sunday, March 29, 2020

Have you made Dalgona Coffee yet?

One of the "perks" to have youngish kids is we have no social life outside the house, so staying inside on weekends isn't too much work for us.  I was surfing the internet one weekend night and I read an article about this iced coffee recipe from South Korea that uses just 3 ingredients to make a delicious and funky looking iced coffee.

I did some googling and went with this version, the main difference from other versions being using hot water instead of ice water.

It is super simple - you mix 2 tablespoons each of instant coffee granules, sugar and hot water in a bowl and either whisk by hand or beat with a mixer until it becomes much lighter and thick and billowy.

You pour a cup of milk into a tall glass, add a couple of ice cubes, and spoon the thick coffee mixture on top.  Take a couple of artful shots of the drink (not cruddy ones like mine) and then mix the coffee cream into the milk and drink.

This is SO GOOD and SO EASY and provides a few minutes of fun and then a delicious drink - even the kids liked it, as seen above as The Girl chugged some down.

I could definitely see making this in the summer and it'll be way cheaper and lower in sugar and fat than buying an iced coffee out.