Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 book club review

Book Club has become the biggest part of my blog, and I'm more than ok with that.

The idea of being part of a "real" book club out in the world makes me nervous - people?  No thanks.  My book club for one makes me happy.  

In 2019 I read 51 books.  

I started to write that I had read mostly fiction, with a few memoirs and audio books thrown in, but then I decided to review the list and break it down into more general genres to see what I had read.

Memoirs - 20
Non-fiction -7
Fiction by female authors - 11
Fiction by male authors - 4
Audio books - 9

Way more memoirs than I expected!

I also checked back since I started by Book Club tag to see how this years 51 compared to other years

48 books in 2018

41 books in 2017

26 books in 2016

So as my kids get older and more independent, my number of books read increases.  😀

I've got lots of books kicking around the house and a few holds I hope come in the library soon, my fingers are crossed for an even better Book Club year in 2020.