Saturday, November 17, 2018

Sunday Dinner - Chocolate Mousse

The Grandfather and I were talking food one night after finishing eating food, and he mentioned that a dessert of chocolate mousse for an upcoming dinner sounded delish.
I had recently come across a recipe that I  had wanted to take another look at, but then I flipped through a recent issue of Alive magazine and found a recipe for "Raw" French Silk Chocolate Pie, and the mousse filling called to me, so I skipped the crust and made the filling as our mousse dessert.

It's a very cool vegan recipe which uses chilled coconut milk and coconut oil in place of the usual cream and eggs.  I never ever make mousse that contains raw egg, so I really liked the change.

Other than chilling the coconut milk in the can overnight, the mousse is easy to make and SO DELICIOUS.

I was running short of time to get them chilled before dinner so my cups were a bit messy but to be honest, they probably would have looked the same even if I'd had more time.  So I slapped on a filter and here we are.

Try this!