Saturday, November 24, 2018

Sunday Dinner - THE BEST APPLE PIE

For Sunday Dinner there was baked chicken, corn on the cob from Pete Davidson, green beans, potatos, and mushrooms, but all I want to talk about is dessert.  The pie.  Oh boy, THE PIE.

I now have 2 pies listed under the label The Best Pie.

Full disclosure - the crust was store bought.  I have mentioned before I am not good with crusts so I didn't even stress myself out.  I did create the lattice top myself and was pretty dang proud of how it turned out.

This apple pie and this apple pie are truly the 2 best apple pies I have ever made.
Even The Grandfather, when presented with the chance to buy some frozen apple pies from Davison Orchards said no - you make a better one.

Not sure it's true but that is high praise I will take.